Charge Cell Phone With 9v Battery

So multiple AA or AAAs or one 9V battery will be idle for providing a charge. Higher current draw can bring the capacity down to less than 350 mAh once again from a good battery.

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9 volt batteries have a pretty low capacity.

Charge cell phone with 9v battery. Keep in mind that normal AA or AAA battery on everyday household use provide 15V each. So to gain more than 37V you need 3 AA or AAA battery connected in series. Since it might be tricky holding everything together like that he recommends taping them together.

In the video below CrazyRussianHacker explains how to charge a cell phone with a car charger a house key and a 9 volt battery. For instance an iPhone 7 needs about 1960 mAh and a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 will be fully charged with as much as 3000 mAh. This means your phones battery will not be fully charged by using only one 9V battery.

You would need about four 9V batteries to fully charge your phone depending on what type of battery you use and what mobile phone you have. A 3 Wh battery will charge a phone with a 9 Wh battery up to 33 assuming 100 efficiency. Check out this simple trick to charge your cell phone with a 9 volt battery10 Off at Olight.

POWEROWL 9V Rechargeable Batteries with Charger USB High-Speed Charging 4 Pack of 600mAh Lithium-ion Battery for Smoke Dectector and More. This isnt confirmed but its. All you have to do is touch the ends of the charger and key to the battery and it will conduct electricity.

While a typical 9-volt battery only has 500 milliAmpere hours mAh most cell phones now need thousands of mAh to be fully charged. On a large phone with a fast-charging charger the 9 volt battery may have trouble supplying enough voltage under load and the charger may repeatedly start and stop. You wont get much better than 600 mAh from a good battery and thats at 25 mA.

On average a 9V battery has about 550 milli-Ampere hours mAh while a mobile phones battery has 2000 mAh. Plan V is an adapter that charges your phone with a 9-volt battery. Two experts confirmed charging your phone with a nine-volt battery does work.

Shop for 9 volt battery cell phone portable charger adapter at Best Buy. Measuring just 45 centimeters by 1 centimeter and weighing 7 ounces the device. What you can get from a 9-volt battery can be enough to call 911 text your parents or ask for emergency assistance.

Michael Osterman senior research scientist and the director of. Lori demonstrates how you can charge a cell phone using just a 9 volt battery and a keyIf youre new Subscribe. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up.

This pack includes a high-speed charger and the batteries can be stored for up to ten years with an annual self-discharge rate of under 2 per year. 15V 15V 15V 45V would be your power source if battery on your hand is either AA or AAA model.

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