How To Fish A Frog Lure

Get a glimpse of how to fish with frog lures and modify them for greater success and more bites. When fishing open waters its important to try to lure the fish out of cover.

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They are more subtle.

How to fish a frog lure. Where To Throw Your Frog. Instead of biting the long skirt bass will instead be aiming for the body which is. How to Fish Killer Frog Lures 1.

Then its a case of retrieving the lure and bringing it back to your boat. Unlike fish or insects frogs arent constantly moving in nature so neither should your lure. It isnt trying to swallow it.

A frog lure with long legs is hurting you not helping you. Fishing a frog lure is all about patience. Try to place your frog lure just past where the fish are hiding and use your walk the dog technique to lure them out.

Select the right color Step 2. Decide on size Step 6. Constantly twitching your rod when the lure hits open water will cause the frogs legs to kick and thrust to imitate the real thing.

What follows is a detailed drilled-down explanation from Monroe about how to fish a frog broken down into the following steps. Fishing tip on how to properly work a Frog style topwater lure. A fish that is feeding will often attempt to stun a frog by shooting up from below and knocking it into the air.

Using a Gamakatsu Offset Shank Hook youll want to rig this bullfrog lure weedless. The award for the most unique weedless frog bait goes to Scum Frogs Two Tiny Toads. That makes the fish feel less threatened by its presence and it is more likely to bite.

To watch over 90 complete courses from Mike Iaconelli Pete. Ideally you need to aim for a spacious stretch of water where you can land the lure and let it slowly sink below the surface. Depending on the situation all Killer Frog Lures can be fished with or without a buzz blade.

Choosing a Frog Lure Color. When in doubt use a popping version. Understand the weather Step 3.

Choose your color carefully and fish your frog very slowly utilizing the stop and go retrieve. Trim the legs on any frog lure you have by at least a 13. Many anglers like to cast directly onto the shore or nearby logsrocks and then begin retrieving by loudly flopping the lure into the water.

When it does land simply pull your rod tip up and start reeling. Start out by casting into thick weedy areas or on top of lily pads. Fish cover other baits cant penetrate Step 4.

Knowing in advance if fish are present is helpful and can save some time but its not always the case. Largemouth bass will do some crazy things when confronted by a frog. Slow way down Step 5.

This can be an effective way to lure fish out of cover to the surface to attack your frog. The fish doesnt miss the bait. It consists of two petite 316-ounce TinyToads rigged one behind the other on a.

Twitch your lure across the water pause for 6 to 8 seconds and then start walking the frog lure again. These important tips will help you be a better topwater fisherman. It is what makes frog lures shine.

Some will ignore it some will eat it some will attack it and others are just downright rude. One way to do this is to fish your lure on dense pads of water lilies since their leaves attract bass with their shade. Watch Forrest Wood Cup Cha.

Another great option is to skip your frog underneath docks and overhanging branches of trees and bushes which also provide shade for fish during the day. Buzz-Bait or Frog Bait. An easy way to keep the lure on the surface is to keep your rod tip pointed towards the lure on the cast and then close the bail before it hits the water.

Traditionally the main way to fish a soft plastic frog lure is to begin by casting it off very accurately. When fishing short patches of mats or lily pads skim a frog across the weeds and continue to work it in the same fashion once it slides into open water. How To Rig The Zoom Horny Toad Weedless.

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