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Samery Moras is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. This martial arts weapon has become popular because of its length and design gives it a powerful reach.

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Martial Arts Bo Staffs Over 90 staffs to choose from.

Martial arts bow staff. While the bo is the contemporary name the more traditional name is Roku Shaku. See more ideas about martial arts martial arts techniques martial arts training. Want to learn basic bo staff striking techniques.

A Bo Staff or only a bo as bo also means staff is an Okinawan weapon originating from the Okinawan islands of Japan. Super lightweight staffs ideal for martial arts demo teams bo forms and katas. Because it doesnt split or splinter like most bamboo or rattan and hard wood Bo staffs after years of usage.

Martial Arts Wooden Bo Staffs 6ft bo Staff bos Competition Rattan carved dragon red oak wood black white white wax tapered toothpick 3 section 2 sectional 2pc or 3 pcs bo. Select hardwood bos now in stock. Aside from her athletic career she also owns 2 Martial Arts schools in Utah and loves to teach and share her passion in the Martial Arts.

It is believed that the bo originated as a tool for balancing baskets or buckets of harvested crops water milk or fish across the back at ones shoulder blades. Roku means six and shaku means feet hence a staff that is six feet long. Learn how from an expert in bo staff fighting in this free martial arts videoExpert.

How to make a Bo Stick for Spinning Martial Arts – Bo Staff Making Martial Arts Explained – YouTube. Oct 17 2019 – Explore Mark Wileys board bow staff on Pinterest. Hurricane Tiger is one of the worlds most durable martial arts Bo Staff Hiking stick youll ever need to buy Made from Chinese wax wood this Bo staff is used by martial artists self defense instructors all over the world.

The bo staff wasnt always a weapon. She spent 6 years traveling as part of Team USA as a competitor in Sparring competing training in places like Korea Australia Spain China Peru and more. The staff is one of the most popular martial arts weapons due to its long range striking abilities and the beautiful spins during kata and form demonstrations.

The bo staff is more than just a stick.

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